about good wolf

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be a good wolf

... is my upbringing, my mothering, my way of seeing the world. Based on the old american indian cherokee 'feed the good wolf' originally brought into my life by my parents - I have always been driven by the beauty found in the every day, of course after you open your eyes to it. 

... being a creative, raised within a creative family, helping my dad process film in his darkroom, eagerly assisting on his photo shoots and fashion shows, and then following my heart into the arts after school, I've always been about storytelling. The light, the darkness, the bittersweetness of life, and of course the unique experiences that unfold over time. I want to freeze time, to bask in the moment a little longer. Hence my love affair with photography. 

... becoming a mum, has reshaped, redefined life and love and my strength emotionally and physically. My heart explodes daily, the greatest gift of my life has been my son. Lovingly called our sun. His name is Wolfgang, our little good wolf. 

My artistic style is truthful, raw, beautiful, cinematic, a documentary-style with an emphasis on life's beauty, your beauty, the perfection of life's imperfections, the moment, the feelings, the gift of photography archiving our days - the little details that mean the most. 

Currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, I shoot Australia-wide, and often travel to Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and Melbourne, and am more than happy to travel to document you and yours. Let me know!

Drop me a line - I'd love to hear your story. 

You can also find my personal work, photographic collections and prints over on Instagram and at www.ilsawhk.com


Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd
Photographic Artist